This morning, I went to a father-daughter dance with my Dad. We danced around on my prayer room floor, His wrap-around arms held me close. From time to time, I looked up into His face and He was smiling down at me with love. He told me I looked pretty, and He liked my dress. Like an eight-year-old, I glowed in His approval.

          None of the others on the dance floor had a dad as great as mine. I never danced with my earthly father, so to dance with my heavenly Father was pure joy. I felt so safe and loved, I remembered once when He told me I was in the spotlight of His love, and I knew that same light followed us around the room.

           He didn’t seem to notice my bathrobe or my rumpled hair, He saw me unblemished, perfect, righteous, and holy. Lord, help me to see all those who know you and those still coming, all who need to dance with you, with eyes like yours. Let me see them with the same love that you have for me, tender, unconditional, accepting, and never ending. Amen

          For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation. Psalm 149:4