Feeling overwhelmed (again) by too many things on my plate, I glanced at my calendar that nags of what is expected today, but also has a Scripture for the week. A favorite of mine, Psalm 62:5, leapt off the page. “My soul wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him.” I went to room where the Lord and I meet each morning and a devotional I’m reading was all about when you feel burdened by too many things. Go figure!

So I climbed into His lap and He reminded me my sufficiency is in Him and His abundant grace. I looked up Scriptures on sufficiency and was immediately assured of His promise to be there for me, guiding, prioritizing, enabling and empowering me to face the day’s demands, confident in His strength of carry me.

I was reminded I am not sufficient in myself, it is from God. That He makes all grace abound toward me so I’ll always have all sufficiency for all my needs. That I have grace given sufficiency for every good thing I need to accomplish, the call He assigned before I was born.

I believe He was saying I have a purpose and He will see that I’m equipped to do it. That my assignment is a holy calling, given according to His purpose and grace, gently revealed to me. Psalm 20:4 says “May He grant you according to your heart’s desire and fulfill all your purpose. Sounds like our heart’s desire is wound up with the purpose He gave us. How great is that??!!

Psalm 16:5 adds, “He maintains my lot.” What more do I need?

“neither can you (bear fruit) unless you abide in Me.” John 15:4

“The greatest need of every human heart is to know the resources and sufficiency of God.”  A. B. Simpson



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I came with longing for the Lord’s presence and as I sat quietly waiting on Him, my heart’s desires poured forth. Lord, I long for Your blood to flow in my veins, Your thoughts to be in my mind, Your words to pour from my lips. I long for my heart to beat with Yours, my mind set on Your will, Your plans to overshadow mine, Your love to flow in my heart. I long for Your grace to prepare me for today, Your mercy to cover my failures, Your truth to be my plum line and Your joy to be my strength.

I long for your kindness to be my mantle, Your patience my goal, my yoke to rest on Your shoulders, and to partake in Your holiness. I long for your sacrifice to inspire dying to myself, Your peace to nullify my anxieties, Your gentleness to overrule harsh responses, Your longsuffering to awaken my need to trust You are in control.

I long for Your boldness to diminish my reluctance, Your forgiveness to be my pattern, Your wisdom to be what I seek, and Your knowledge to open my understanding. I long for Your counsel to guide my actions, Your help the first place I run to, Your convictions quick to correct and Your righteousness never doubted.

I long for Your trustworthiness to overcome my unbelief, Your humility to be my cloak, Your thankfulness my constant whisper. I long for Your praise to flow freely from my heart, Your presence to trigger worship, Your song to well up throughout my day, Your name to be continually on my lips.

Lord, I long for Your blood to be my protection, Your steadfastness to warm my soul, Your power to heal my afflictions, Your sufficiency to awaken my spirit and to know You as I am known,

He is so much more than this but He met me where I was, blessing me with assurance and awe as a manifestation of His holy presence surrounded me.

“Oh that I might have my request, that God would grant me the thing that I long for. Job 6:8

“An infinite God can give all of Himself to each of His children.” A.W. Tozer