“These meds you need to be on for a year can cause loss of eyesight, hearing and damage your liver,” the Dr. said, covering the worst case scenarios. I spent the night wrestling Satan’s “what ifs.” I thought I’d committed the battle to the Lord, but at each awakening had to rebuke thoughts like “what if you lose your eyesight? Your husband can’t drive…what would you do? How would you cope with not being able to read or hear?”

          I believe God has healed my lungs and His path of healing for me is through these antibiotics, but the possibility of side effects lingered, bringing fear, doubt and unbelief. “Commit your way unto to the Lord and it will be established,” came to me in the wee small hours before dawn.

          1 John 4:18 became clearer as I read “Perfect love casts out fear because fear brings dread and torment.” I needed to examine my heart. Am I fully convinced God loves me? Isaiah 41:10 reminds me to “Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed (look around in terror, Amp. Bible adds), for I am thy God…”

          A timely Gary Wilkerson message read, “God puts ‘Fear not,’ into His word more than any other command.” It reminded me that the Spirit in me is greater than he who is in the world, that we’ve been given incredible authority by the Spirit as we face our enemy/tormentor.

          The Lord, God, who sent His Son to die for my salvation, healing and peace, will never let me down but will freely give me all things. He has promised if I drink (take in anything deadly), it will not harm me. I believe it. Of whom then shall I fear? His perfect love casts out fear and I will trust in His ongoing promises. Amen

“My eyes are continually toward the Lord, He will pluck my feet out of the net.” Psalm 25:15