We arrived at a huge, beautiful home where the small group met. The hostess smiled a welcome and spoke in broken English. The host was an unassuming man who spoke so quietly I couldn’t understand what he said. I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of business had brought such success. The woman’s hair and dress were different than that of most Americans, less pretentious. Within moments I was drawn to her gracious personality, her concern for our comfort and easy manner. During the discussion, her strong faith and love of people oozed from all she said. I remember thinking how much I liked her, wanted to know her better.  

A shameful thought flashed. “Would you have felt that way if you’d met her on the street or under different circumstances? Would you have wanted her for one of your peeps?”

 I knew it was the Lord and guilt bombarded me. Noting on the outside had made it likely I’d choose this woman for a friend.  

 Thank you, Lord, for Your unfailing forgiveness and the lesson to not be a respecter of persons, to look at the heart, not the vessel.    

“I takes more courage to be humble than it does to be prideful.” Matthew Hagee

          “…let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me.” Psalm 25:2