Oh God, I wonder if I even know You. When the word speaks to me of Your amazing attributes, promises and gifts that are stored up and available for me to receive, I am overwhelmed with how little truth I walk out in my daily life. Grace that empowers me with favor for every need, wisdom, your generous gift that enables me to chose wisely. Power to overcome every weapon Satan throws at me, mercy, forgiveness for every poor choice that frees me to forgive other’s barbs. A transformed mind, availed simply by reading and obeying Your word. Protection because I dwell in Jesus, the secret place of the Most High

          My daily devotional echoed my struggle, encouraging me to visualize God, to see Him reaching out to me in nature and to deliberately turn my thoughts on God. Futility comes, it said, because “we have lost our power to visualize.” That it is given to believers by God so we can “go beyond ourselves and be firmly planted into relationships we never before experienced.”

          Lord, help me to enter Your hidden storehouse of blessings, ever accessible to those called by Your name, that I might visualize all You are and walk in the intimacy You have laid out for me, pleasing You. Amen

“I rejoice at your word as one who finds great treasure.” Ps. 119:162 NKJV