New book! Free Indeed by Carol Lacey

Spurred on by Saint Paul, who delivered her of a demon of divination, can newly redeemed Daphne live up to his parting challenge: Take your newly found freedom and use it for Him. That is the true outcome of gratitude. Now free in Christ and freed from slavery by the master she was willing to lay down her life for, God instructs her to go back to her birthplace. There, she is to witness to those deceived by the myth of Apollo, into the freedom in the one true God, the Lord, Jesus Christ. Her former owner’s son has asked her to marry him, and go with her, but will looming obstacles resolve? Or will attacks by the evil one create an impossible barrier for her to overcome and fulfill God’s call? And how could a city steeped in Apollo worship, ruled by a vicious, strong high priest, be changed by one young woman? I invite you to join Daphne on the last leg of her journey in Free Indeed, book three of The Snare of the Fowler series.