A Word to the wise, (or maybe those over fifty.)

A word to the wise, (or maybe those over fifty.)

          This is a warning—or maybe just a FYI, to inform you that some of the inanimate things you have in your home or on your person have power you may not be aware of.

          For instance, did you know that ink pens have the ability to travel?  I know because all of mine are either all in my purse, or all at the place where I check my “to do” list, or all at my computer desk. Note, I leave some at each place for my convenience, but at some time, I think it’s in the dark of the night, they all congregate in one place or the other.

          And take my house key. I can pull into my garage, shut off the motor, and the minute I pull out that key, I have an overwhelming need to make it to the bathroom—in a hurry. No warning before hand, but the minute that key touches the lock, (and God help me if I drop it,) something touches my innards. I think there may be a gremlin in my purse that says, “she’s home, rank up the pressure!”

          And why are my reading glasses always in the other room? And who causes my cell phone to hide till I must call on Alexia for help to find it? And how does that little round thing know my phone number anyway? I have seen the lights in my basement glare at me from the bottom of the stairs with a message, “ya ya, ya ya, you forgot to turn us off.”

          It’s a conspiracy, determined to complicate my life, but I’m going to set up an unbreakable system. All ink pens will be returned to their place. My house key will remain deep in my purse where it cannot see I am home till I grab it at the last minute, no mercy. I’ll put those glasses on a chain around my neck and keep that sneaky cell phone in my pocket, (if they just go back to making jeans with decent pockets again,) where it can’t jump out and hide. And I will check the lights before I climb the stairs.

          Sure, I will.

          Recently I learned that when Abraham’s servant went to find a wife for Isaac, the man asked for Garah, which meant “give me success.” Is it too late for me to change, Lord? Or could you just give me some Garah?

          “Then he said, “O Lord, God of my master Abraham, please give me success this day…Genesis 24: 12