Winter is early this year, temps in the 20’s and teens at night. Fall, a time of preparation, is fading and there’s a need to build up our faith reserves to head off the gales of hardship to come. And they come. The beautiful white snow can’t hide the need to overcome. We hunker down, grateful for the promise He will not leave us helpless. His word encourages, a daily reminder of His love and care that blizzards cannot bury.

          And just when our hearts are weary with the fight, spring’s sunshine peeks through the bitter cold, melting our fears like the last bit of ice on the lake. It washes away the doubts that change won’t come, and touches our soul with the promise of new life, confirmation He’s still with us. We joy in every promise the first violet and even the pesky dandelions portray.

          And one bright day, the times we cherish arrive. Our hearts dance in the warmth of the blazing summer sun. Freedom from fear and unbelief melt like ice cream on a hot day and we rejoice in times of less stress, less scheduling. We dive into the warm waters of His love and rejoice in the acceptance we receive and pass on to others. His grace falls like a soft summer night until once again the winds of change whisper in our ears.

          Thank you for the seasons of our life, Lord. Help us embrace each one with the hope you’ve planted within us, welcoming change as part of our journey, anticipating our final resting place, safe in your arms forever.

          “To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under heaven….He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3: 1 & 11