“Crown Him now with many crowns, he reigns victorious,” were part of a worship song I chose to join in on this morning. I started thinking about crowns. I know the Bible talks about laying them at Jesus’ feet in heaven but what were they for? What do they represent and where did they come from? To my thinking, a crow is a reward for an accomplishment, a victory. But why give them, ours, to Jesus? Then it struck me, I couldn’t win anything by my own efforts. He is the victory, so I will lay my crown of obedience won when I submitted to His will and did the right thing. I’ll lay my crown of mercy granted by His grace when I gave love to one who dissed me. My crown of patience, given when I took time to listen to a hurting friend vent about her circumstances. Every time I lay down my selfish desires and meet someone’s needs, I am given a crown, a victorious symbol that I have surrendered to God’s will. I cannot win any battle on my own, so the victory is His and with great joy I lay my crowns at the feet of Him who never loses a battle.

Behold I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown. Revelation 3:11